Services at Advanced Culinary Art® (ACA)

All of the services provided by Advanced Culinary Art® are naturally enhanced through utilization of esthetically pleasing fruit and vegetable carvings (Kae Sa Luk). However, in addition to specialized Kae Sa Luk services, ACA also offers an array of culinary services meant for you to sit back and enjoy the your festivities…and the food!

Are you tired of preparing a celebration, and instead of enjoying it you feel exhausted because you have had to slave over making a meal? Advanced Culinary Art can help! ACA offers you:

  • Personal Chef Services: in-home preparation for larger size gatherings
  • Catering: gourmet dinner and cocktail parties, catered buffets and weddings.
  • Private Dining: dinners to impress a loved one, in-home or on the scene of your special occasion. Contact us about the Advanced Culinary Art Concierge Service™ that is associated with private dining.
  • Invisible Chef: Impress your guests with our culinary art, without revealing that a Chef prepared it for you.

We also offer comprehensive event planning for any occasion.

Advanced Culinary Art® (ACA) also offers full instructional programs taught by an accredited instructor of the ancient Thai art, Kae Sa Luk. Our instructor is critically taught by the Carving Institute of Thailand, he has studied under one of the most prominent Kae Sa Luk chefs in the world, in Thailand. There he learned this ancient art form directly, while immersed in its unique and enlightened culture. Our instructional program allows interested chefs to learn this inimitable tradition and advance their culinary careers.

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