About Advanced Culinary Art® (ACA)

ACA offers elegant centerpieces, edible food service vessels, as well as decorative floral arrangements to augment a wide range of events. All of our offerings are based on an ancient Thai fruit and vegetable carving tradition, called Kae Sa Luk. This tradition is known throughout the world for its elegance, precise artistry and, for the grace it brings to any space where people meet.

Kae Sa Luk, beyond its world-renown artistic and aesthetic beauty, arouses the appetite and shows a host’s honor and love for their guests. The offerings at Advanced Culinary Art likewise communicate our passion and honor for the very fruits and vegetables we carve and the individuals we serve. Our fruit and vegetable art transcends decoration and mere garnish in that it blends functionality with art. Our most impressive pieces act as vessels for hors d’ouvres, main courses and other culinary masterpieces.

Advanced Culinary Art® is wholly owned and operated by Melegi Entrepreneur Group Ltd., a Canadian private corporation. ACA is the artistic concept of internationally-recognized Chef, Robert Melegi. An innovative European training based chef with over 30 years of experience in preparing and catering world class food internationally. Robert Melegi, a multilingual chef brings forth an exceptional record of service in kitchen, banquet, and special event operations for leading five-star hotels, banquet halls, culinary institutes, resorts, restaurants and personnel all throughout Europe, Asia, as well as North America.

Specifically, Chef Robert been critically trained in International cuisine working in France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Canada and United States of America. Chef Melegi has offered full catering services for the past 15 years, working directly at concert events, “Hollywood North” movie sets and other promotional events throughout the North-East.

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